Imprint 3.0

Imprint Culture Lab 3.0 - One year ago, this happened, two years ago, it happened, yesterday, it happened. What a crappy intro, but I told myself I wouldn't do any editing, since we're on mag deadline. Imprint Culture Lab is back, and this year it featured guests from around the world, in mixed discipline. Cult is the name of the game, this year. 

A cult leader. Kenya Hara from Muji - gave the opening talk. Muji is still relatively unknown. Ask some random people, they'll say, "no, what's that?" Eventually, you'll know. It's creative and well designed products that are "empty" not simple. Kenya might slap you around if you say, they are "simple" but I have a tip. Say, "super normal" instead, you'll come off as smarter than the rest.

Not part of the exhibitions in the hall, or were they? I saw games like Flower and Spore, but then I saw a few of these trendy units locked up. Sculptural and sleek, these look as cool as the hipsters who ride them. 

More Cult devotees. They look happy drinking that clear Kool-Aid. Shutter snap! I'm now a member.

Michael Kuhle from Lomo shows me The Paul Smith Lomo collaboration. This can't be inexpensive.

That's the view from the nose bleeds. Really, it's not that large. Every seat is a good one.

That's my shadow. She followed me, help my bag, even held my water. I moderated a panel on crafts. Jill Bliss, Matt Stinchcomb from, and Jamie Chan from Bazaar Bizarre. It went smooth like silk. Why is it that everything slows way down when I moderate a panel? I thought it and you were supposed to speed up.

Jeff Staple and Hiroshi Fujiwara: 1 on 1. A life story, from the womb to the seat he's in. His one word "no" answers were more plenty than I expected. 

People were interviewed and photographed. They asked me to jump, I didn't do it. I'd jump from Philippe Halzman, but he's no longer with us.

There were cars there at front of JANM. Cult of Transportation. These are drifters and they're real wheel drive. That Scion behind is rear wheel too. Weird eh?

I want one of these! You better have an ass crack made of steel. The handmade motorcycle by Shinya Kimura of Chabott Engineering.

That's me and Wan Lee, the guy who travelled across country on his Ruckus. He was in GR55. I'm sure his ass crack is made of steel too.

Ice sculptures with shrimp shooters. That's intense and part of the after event.