Fire kills 15 - at an overnight video shop

This sounds weird, but it's not, it's basically a cafe that rents videos. I had it pegged as some porno video shop. People sleep over in these, by renting a small room when has a tv, and a vcr or dvd player. Basically an overnight rate, is quite cheap. They have lay back chairs. You're supposedly watching dvds, but you basically use it to sleep over.

But imagine... a fire breaks out. This is what I'm afraid of in many of these narrow and tall buildings in Japan and have business. How do you get out of them? The elevators are tiny, you can't find the staircase half the time, and if you do they're also tiny. Everything is single file. In a room filled with people, you're doomed. There's different safety laws in Japan as compared to what you have in places like LA which is quite strict.

bbc news link.