Domo @ Target - In Killed Fashion - It's Over

Domokun died at Target. Hit by a bus and left for dead. Imagine, licensee. I got the Domokun license... Chaching! We're going to blow it out as fast as possible because our license will expire. It's as if we're going to make the Roger Corman Fantastic Four film! So Domokun, the NHK character is now at Target, and exploited just for the Halloween section. Take a look at what came out of this.

This is looking terrible. It doesn't even look like Domo. I wonder if this candy tastes like Cola. If it does, then just maybe it'll get a pass on candy alone. Look at the mouth. It's as if Domokun is foaming. It's eyes look like toasted sesame seeds.

Candy Corn? Domo eats candy corn? Tattoo that one on your chest. It's not a good thing at all.

Domo pinata. Bad. Bad. Bad. What happened to 3d? This is two pieces of cardboard, and crappy tissue paper sides. My fart would rip open.

Domokun on a broom? It's way over.

Have your own Domo mouth. This is a poor excuse for a product. It looks like someone sat on it. 

Domokun candy. More candy that looks like Domokun stood outside during a nuclear melt down. A mummy and Frankenstein done Domokun. Who designed this stuff?

A misshapen Domokun hangs from the ceiling with an eyepatch, just so you'd think he's a pirate. 

This was the only item I thought was cute. Bracelets of candy with Domokun. 

Someone out there will buy this and that someone will think that Domokun is pretty lame. They'll think that Target invented this character. It's also interesting how it's just Domo. Maybe it's because it's almost like the brands, people, and label: Lomo (camera), Homo (the great label), Tomo (a hotel in SF - yea I worked on that), Nomo (Baseball pitcher), and Romo (the QB of the Cowboys).