Avocado Thief 2

I heard a rustle and I heard some scratching sounds. I'm in the middle of deadlines, you know? Just doing my thing. I can hear it go on, and I don't want to get up. I'm in a groove. It keeps going, so it's time to see. Is it a gigantic Possum? I'm seen em and they make a lot of noise, but no, it's a Chinese lady and she's in a very far corner in my neighbor's yard, using a rake to steal MY avocados. She's probably 50 or 60, I don't know her name, but she doesn't live next door, in fact, she came by the other day, and I thought she was my neighbor's friend, but it turns out, she's just some random person trespassing very deep in my neighbor's yard. See the space between the wall and the fence? It's not large, and she was jammed up in there. So, the result. Harsh Chinese words spewed out by my g/f who tells her that you can't just bust into a back yard, you can't steal, you can't be there... all in Mandarin. If she asked, she would have received, but she chose to steal instead. The woman speaks Cantonese and keeps speaking in Cantonese, but she knows Mandarin and says she won't be back. I know the appeal of avocados, and I also know thieving and trespassing. My neighbor's had her bike stolen from her backyard once, and it's amazing how people feel comfortable to just go back there and take shit. I guess I need to make a Do Not Steal Avocados in Chinese now to add to the English, Japanese, and Spanish.