Gizmo! random sights in Aoyama again

Over The Stripes - Gizmo's Chillin'. Ok, none of you are going to get the reference. Who uses Gremlins as part of their decor? It's this shop. Underneath this show is the often talked about Loveless store, which is using the My Bloody Valentine's album title name as a high end clothing store.

What's it all mean? I have no idea. The shop is two flights of stairs straight down. You're in their dungeon. Don't believe what you read. Loveless isn't really much of those things, but they do defeat my vocabulary.

From this to the Bird's Nest. HdeM did a kick ass job,  you can't help but take pics of The Prada shop in Aoyama. Every time I go, I take a photo, even though I have many like it already. It's all about the texture. You just have to touch it, even though it's just hard plastic.

No, this isn't a Target pop up store, but imagine if it were. You can get the limited edition Martha Stewart couture shit, but instead, this is more Comme gear. Of course the magic "X" rears it's face here. Weird thing is that a lot of this looked like what their flagship was carrying, and only a block down.

As I posted above, this is more of it too. The magic X. Look at the names Louis Vuitton and Comme de Garcons. 

Next door, Fred Perry was celebrating their first year. This is a cool tiny shop. They even had some mod 7" records out. Matching music and wear, not for the first time.

Bape. A Bathing Ape is still around in Aoyama. More of the same. You have to wait in line to get in. The guy walking up says no, but I said yes. I should be more respectful of the public street and a public building. Yes you "can't" take photos of the shop from the outside! It's also interesting how they'll not let perhaps more than 10 people in at a time. The shop is huge, but this is how they stay special. The dude looks like he's holding a pooper scooper.