I Luv Sushi

I swear this isn't going to be a blog all about food. It should be about a little of everything, but recently, when I'm not sure of what to write about, food always works. Look at that above. It's amazing. Spicy Tuna on top of grilled rice. It's awesome when a sushi place nails the spicy tuna. It's easy to over do it, it's also easy to make it too creamy, but this one was pretty spot on. A good mix of everything. The rice patty part works well under spicy tuna. I can't remember where I had it, but one place did it on top of crispy rice, almost like a rice cracker. Where was that, anyway? 

It looks like this when it shows up. I think it was better in the first photo, but I don't want to hide anything. The lettuce in the middle was honestly old and bad.

That's Mark, he eats everything, and drinks everything too. He's wearing the t-shirt of this hero in the Philippines. It's not Manny P.

Beef, seared and flavored. I'll be the first to admit, that it doesn't look good in the pic, but it tasted great.

The above roll looks normal, but it's not even on the menu. It's MONKEY ROLL. Of course there's no monkey meat in it, and it's actually shrimp tempura running through it, but the other item that's in it? It's BANANA! Shrimp tempura and banana together in a sushi roll. It's strange, and they knew to bring it last. 

I Luv Sushi - It's not just a cute title, it's the name of a place. It's Thai and they don't hide it making this one of those interesting hybrid businesses. A portrait of the king hangs on the wall. They fly the flag and they make interesting food.
3215 Carson Street. Lakewood. 90712 562-421-8917