Minutiae - Popsicle

You'd think there'd be more important things to post about aside from this. Look at this combination. Who thought of this? Imagine the creative department at Popsicle sat around and probably got lit at lunch and came back and said, "We got it. Banana, Root Beer, and Lime!" Imagine the furor. "What the fuck?!" Jobs may have been lost, people mad, but it's interesting to know that, this combo has been around for a while, and it's the only one I buy! Why is that? They're all underdog flavors, but they're my three favorite flavors. Rootbeer first, then banana, and then lime. The weird thing is that tonight, I pull out the lime and immediately, I notice that it looks darker.

I turned on some more lights, and it still didn't look right. Do you know Popsicles enough to immediately see that a color is wrong? It's darker, less bright green, and the taste was off too! I wonder what went wrong with this one, and I look at the front of the box. "Natural Colors and Flavors!" The rootbeer was spot on, it's still brown, the lime was off, but I'll bet it's because that's the easiest flavor to be "natural". The banana was about the same. Maybe a little more yellow and a bit more rich. Popsicle should hire me to taste and judge their colors.