Cameras twice.

A stroke of luck. Two cameras doing some shooting during the current exhibition. One is a project from a student which will probably turn out interesting. The other, NBC. It's a funny story, but it's about email, and the fact that I get a ton of it. The funny thing is that while they were calling me about the story, I misheard the word email and thought it was "female"! I left the conversations thinking, I have a female problem? That said, yes, manager in LA shop, SF shop (was Myleen), and GRNY. All female. But it turned out to be "email." Yes I have a problem with those too. Maybe if it comes out alright, I'll link the video.

Matthew Johnson. Not the hockey goon, he's a filmmaker student from Canada making a project about art. He's interviewed a bunch of folks, so we'll see how it all comes out. Art makes a nice backdrop, and sometimes, it takes center stage.