I am Susie Ghahremani

That's Susie Ghahremani, she goes back old school with Giant Robot. We've watched her in school, and she's now out of school and kicking ass. She's transforming the space unlike no other, except maybe Barry McGee did once upon a time. But this is a total different style and she's being much more meticulous. Every detail is all planned out. She's a hard worker and that's something to appreciate. As an owner and gallery guy, I do. 

That's one of the birds that are hanging from the ceiling. There's going to be a lot.

She's painting each bird and branch by hand. No two are the same, and each are balanced so there's not too many flying and pointing one way. 

It's a long wall, and she's covering it in the most amazing way. The light blue is soothing like a nice sky. Really, it does.

The shadows tell a story of it's own.

That's her favorite piece. Wait until you see it's face. It's a sleeping bird that can fly.

When Susie smiles it's golden.