Simple Pleasures at Studio One - That's Shepard Fairey's studio

Simple Pleasures set up. Yep, it all takes place at the Shepard Fairey studio parking lot. I think most vendors thought it would be larger, since paying for a booth and having a bunch of others do the same makes you think it's going to be huge. It's near the same price as other events that take place in bigger spaces, but economically, this still might make sense when I at first thought it couldn't. There are DJ's all day. Who does that at their events? It included Mr Fairey and Daedelus among others. The tents, they aren't that cheap, but they aren't that high priced. There were at least three security guards, they cost for sure. 20 vendors. Ah, that's not a lot of vendors, and that's where it all costs. At first I didn't quite understand it all, but then it came clear, plus there's the Shepard Fairey factor, he's a pretty famous guy and he alone bring a lot of credibility and people to an event. I don't think I would put together an event like this. If I did, it would be me and the vendors sitting together drinking tea. Meanwhile, here's some pics early in the event.

That's Little Tapatio in a boat. Hope he doesn't get lost at sea. The ocean is mighty dangerous. I think he should know that.

Cookies for only 50 cents. Cookies sell better than zines sometimes. That's a sad reality in these days. You can't really live off either item, and both have their risk and rewards. Why did cookies win? I guess they're cheaper than a zine, but by not much at all. The packaging looks nice too. Is it the packaging?

Faesthetic. They're still doing their thing well. Making a periodical publication is tough, and if you can make one that some people like, that's already amazing. I think there was a time when we'd sell tons of copies. The flood of similar type of mags slowed that down. Movements, they help and hurt.

Mark and Esther making shapes under the blanket. This looks like a weird box connected to Esther's dress. It would be neat if she were stuck to the table like this. I think that could work. She'd be part of the table.

Blek Le Rat was here, not for Simple Pleasures, but actually sort of. 

Kids are getting clever with the names these days. Ashcan, Ashkhan. Okay, it's a great joke. I bet no one got it.

Shepard Fairey at the wheels. He actually plays punk, rock, and the music of his generation. I guess that's exactly mine too, which is why I recognize the songs pretty well. Some will make fun of me for saying that. Oh well.

Blue tarp makes for bad lighting, and weird skin complexion. No matter what, it still gets warm. The ground absorbs heat, and transfers it up everyone's sneakers, legs, private parts - which makes us all uncomfortable, then runs straight up the spine and to the head. It was probably 100 degrees 37.4 degrees C.

Souther Salazar shows his reversal parallel parking technique. Those sunglasses make him look cool. I need sunglasses too. If you were there, you could have got his new zine.