10 Comic Con moments

Here's some Comic Con shots.

1) That's us in gear at the booth. Standing behind a counter most of the day, you get to take pics from the place where everyone is looking. The booth looked great.

2) Seth Rogen came by, and he reads GR! I tried to hand him a mag, and he said, sorry, already have it. See more pics on Flickr.

3) I remember when I said, I wanted to take their pics, she made sure her boobs were riding high. I guess that's better than low.

4) This is serious.

5) That's Seth. Total nice dude. Ever see a head slap to a stiff straight arm in football? That's what this is... I guess being one of the dudes, and then talking shit is how people have fun. In the end, although it was truncated, I had fun at the beach party. 

6) Details from the Party at the Beach. You had to appreciate the madness of the last 15 minutes. Uh 5-0 all over, yes. 
a) Manager Michelle hold her ground against the pigs. Good. 
b) Having 10 minutes according to 5-0 of fire pit time. Good. 
c) Blasting an entire bottle of lighter fluid, throwing in every piece of wood and log to make a gigantic fire. Good. 
d) Throwing in a towel in a fit of anarchy. Good. Cops coming back. Good. 
e) Argument for nearly 10 minutes, then including hippie Scrappers Morrison acting all weird and wet from the beach. Keeping the fire alive. Good. 
f) Cops waving the white flag and letting everyone go. Good. 

I guess all this isn't as good as a vinyl toy.

7) James Jean signing with a line doing a 360 around the booth.
8) Meeting Usugrow, itokin park, 
9) Saw a Devil Robots T, of the Giant Robot cover, and the art is exactly the same which includes me at the controls. I want one of those.
10) Catching shoplifter on sunday, and seeing him cry, tantrum, and run away into a crowd.