Suburbia by Richard Linklater

Does anyone like Suburbia by Richard Linklater as much as me? 1996, I think the word to describe a generation of kids coming of age was Slacker which was ironically, Richard Linklater's break out film title. Usually rating a 6 or a 7, a 55% on Rotten Tomatoes, and that's about it. It's a two hour film, which I keep hoping is going to come out on DVD, but it hasn't. I found a torrent and got to rewatch this again and again. I think the work is genius.

Imagine a group of kids from Burnfield, USA where ever that is, who hang out in front of 7-11. They drink, hang out, and goof around. There's the ex military dude who was the local high school's star quarterback now a drunk, the goof ball played by Steve Zahn, the cerebral over analyzer Giovanni Ribisi, his girlfriend the upbeat but crappy "artist" who plans to go to art school and move to the big city, the local girl who seems to have nothing special going for her, but a drinking problem, and the young South Asian couple who own the 7-11. The night is young and they're waiting for their once friend from Burnfield now rock star, Pony to come visit them. He shows up with Parker Posey and that's when the drama begins. He rides up in a limo, checks out Ribisi's girlfriend, pisses off Ribisi, since he's the big star artist and he's not, meanwhile, almost everyone makes fun of the convenience store owner because he's South Asian. Then as the film goes, you realize the South Asian guy has a point as he often gets pissed off at his peers who have it all and have nothing, while he has to struggle. Meanwhile, the kids point is that they're being spoon fed everything, but can't make anything with it. As the film continues you find how you value each person, and you don't quite know who's right or wrong if there is such a thing here. Each makes their points.

Why isn't it on DVD?
Frontal nudity by Giovanni Ribisi?

Supposedly it's Warner Brothers and they don't license their films to Criterion. Linklater wants the film to be a Criterion edition. However in an interview in 2007, he mentions that it's coming out in september (2007). But it never came out...

So I downloaded the torrent that's formatted for TV. Better than nothing.