GRNY show time Le Merde Snaggs and Scrappers

Hard to give this justice until you see it, but the magic of Le Merde, Snaggs, and Scrappers are pretty awesome at GRNY. I have no idea how he makes these and they look effortless and just right. They fit the style, even though they may not be perfectly molded. There's stuff inside them, and he makes that work too. When the world is caught up on manufacturing toys, this dude, Le Merde makes his own.

We decided the guy on the left in back with the racket is the best. 

That's work by Scrappers. He looks like a woodsman and his work is woody looking too.

Finally, this is the work of Snaggs. She incorporates pop culture perfect into her work. It's felt, but it's imagery and certainly means more than what you might think. The kids from Portland are all right.