Katz Deli NYC

A blast from the past, that's Clifford Son who was a filmmaker and appeared in a weird way in an old, old Giant Robot magazine. Haven't seen him in years, and has been living in NYC. I see him sitting in Katz Deli and I think whoa... He was with a huge pack of Asian folks from Cali... I'm not sure if the last time I saw him in LA was a great time for him, but he looks good and healthy in NYC. That's cool and one day, I'll see him doing the film thing again I'm sure.

Meanwhile, back to Katz. This is one of the most famous deli's around. I almost got a turkey, but pastrami is the thing to get while you're there. I think the dudes working at the counter look almost bummed out when you get a turkey, so get a pastrami. Look at the meat. It's thick. They'll even let you try it first. It's an insane sandwich.

That's Sheldon and Clint, they're on the crew of the video interviews. We knocked out a bunch more, and this time, it was a mix of indie kids with shorts to a few feature filmmakers. It's fun trying to do these interviews even with limited exposure to the films, since it's forcing me to see and feel what they deem as important. You'll be seeing the videos in a few weeks at the same place, same channel. directorschairsite.com The cool thing about the shoots is hanging out with the crew afterwards.