NYC Asian American International Film Festival AAIFF

That's Jodi Long and the great legend of filmmaking, Christine Choy. The latter, Christine Choy made the Vincent Chin documentary, "Who Killed Vincent Chin?" She also made the documentary about the kid Hattori, who was killed trick or treating. For this festival, they were there for a film called, Long Story Short, which is about Long's parents who were on the Ed Sullivan show way back in the day. The funniest thing was Choy looks all nice and sweet, but she's a wild one and talked about porno right off the bat. Hmm.

That's Jojo from Jojo NYC - a TV show.

That's the Matrix, even did an interview in there.

The AAIFF runs something like the other film festivals. It's amazing that you'd think thousands of Asians would just show up, but where are they? Either way, it's a great effort in NYC. They treat cinema well. Wayne Wang's Princess of Nebraska was the opener. I think I did over 10 interviews today, and finished at 1am.