In Chinatown LA

Entrepreneurs are all over the place. While walking in Chinatown LA, south of Broadway which gets really interesting, with the weird malls and shops. It feels like it's all illegal for some reason. On the corner, I saw a dude at his pickup truck bed doing something, I had no idea. Then I got closer and realized he was making fresh OJ! For $2, you can get a big cup of fresh juice. I heard an Asian lady who was getting a few cups for herself and her kids say, "did all these come from your own tree?" I'm sure this dude either did that, and picked his own, got them super cheap, and figured that making juice would be a quick way to make some bucks with oranges, which is right. While I stood there for a couple minutes, he sold 7 cups, one being to me. 

The juice was really great, refreshing, and all that. He put in a tiny piece of ice that was just right. When's the last time you had fresh orange juice? Sometimes supporting a dude hustling feels better than supporting a store who pays taxes, rent, employees, and so forth.