Gabe Ritter X Jen Pak

There's that X... for collaborations. Does it apply to marriage? I suppose so. That's Gabe Ritter and Jen Pak. Gabe's written a bunch of articles for Giant Robot beginning with Ai Yamaguchi cover and interview. They've been dating since high school, and it's a very rare occurrence that they're going strong nearly a decade later. We were at Koehler winery in Los Olivos, CA. It's a nice looking place, and if you look at the next photos in the upper left, you can see an expanse of grape vines, almost as far as you can see. 

That's Ai Yamaguchi and Shingo Hayashi and Rei. He's 2 1/2 years old and like to take arty photos. Look at those curls!

Cupcakes taken to a new level.

That's Gabe. We knew him when he was a kid, but he's grown up now.

Can't stop taking pics of food, sorry. The beef which was grilled onsite (you could see them grilling) was good. Potatoes rocked, chicken got a bit firm, and the beans were smokin'! Definitely a good meal and a pleasant wedding, especially when it began to cool down. Weddings are tough, I guess I can't say I'm into them, but seeing people happy in their maybe once in a lifetime day is alright.