LCA Lomography

The mail provides. Today it's a camera kit. The Compact Automat. I got invited to take photos and turn over the film in exchange for this camera and accessories. I'll do my best. With it, I'll shoot whatever I want, and the Lomo folks will choose some images and use them on their site. I have a bit of time to learn to play with this and it's trippy extra "stuff" that comes with it. I know Lomo has been instrumental is getting people who normally don't shoot photos, especially in an "artistic" way to do it, and that alone is a great feat. They've also managed to procure cameras that aren't so great in terms of quality, but work with them to the point of being accepted as an art form. They don't do the digital thing just yet, which I think is amazing. They're able to keep pushing film in today's environment, and that too is amazing. I'm sure they're going to have to push towards digital one day, and I'll bet they'll find a great way to do it successfully. Meanwhile, I'll shoot and shoot.