Eye drops and late mail.

First photo, my friend Julia got me these from Japan. Powerful minty eye drops. I've written about them before, and was disappointed at the weakness of one of my choices. These are supposed to be powerful. The one on the left looks strong, but in the end, it's medium. Much better than the eye drops I'm currently using which are too weak. Zi has high marks for power. The one on the right, I'll test later and tell you how it is. 

So far, "video tapes" is what people think when they see these. But I'm now hearing Japanese condoms. I'd hope that a condom box doesn't have a eye ball image on it. What would that mean? One eyed snake? Would the "FX neo" on the box on the right mean the condom is some kind of special effects condom? As in hologram?

Had to add, post office error. Got this today, and look at the ship date. Feb 16th 2008.