Choe in NYC

Mr Choe and well, that's also a Mr Choe in the background. In NYC now, I met up with "Davidu" (say in Korean accent), at TEHUITZINGO! A great spot to get tacos! You have to walk in and get to the back which has a counter where you can order, eat tacos, shoot the shit with whoever's there, and then leave. The tacos I'd have to say are amazing. Lengua tacos and the chorizo and potato taco are the winners. Those are a must have there. There's drinks like Jarritos, but if you ask the "locals" who are in there, they suggested a drink called BOING! They had a strawberry drink. It comes in a bottle, and yes that's a winner too. 695 10th Avenue.
Read some mixed reviews on YELP. I swear we enjoyed it.

Down the block there's a palm reader woman who wears a carnivale like silver mask. I don't know why.

Dave at his casa in Chinatown. It's a big ass pad with a TV screen projected on the wall, where we played Mario Kart on Wii. 

David and manager of GR store NY, Cheryl. Both have similar tastes in comics. Notice that bizarre toy Cheryl bought.