Who's the Jerk Now?

Yes, it's me. I still haven't been able to talk to the gardener who stole my avocados. He comes for just a pinch of time on tuesday, a day when I'm often out running around. I don't have his phone number, he just comes and bills me. Easy deal. This time, he left a letter. Imagine a man, probably near 70, maybe mid 60s, penning a letter of apology for stealing avocados... to a punk kid like me. That sucks. He swallowed his pride, shame, and whatever dignity he had to write this all out and tell me sorry more than once. Yes, kiss me, I'm a jerk.

But... let's break this all down again. 

1) Dude, waited for a day when no one was around, and hopped up on the roof, probably used my picking tool and stole multiple boxes of avocados. 
2) Neighbor caught him and he said that I wouldn't notice since he picks from the middle and high up. That's exactly where we pick them for the restaurant gr/eats.
3) He said they damage the roof from falling. We stand on the roof to pick them. I'm heavier than an avocado. I question if he really said this to the neighbor.
4) I caught him 2 years ago, and told him, not to steal them since I need them. He did it again.

The response by me was blog it, and post signs. The LA Times blog picked it up, and maybe a few gardeners will think about stealing their boss's property. He broke the law, stole private property, and I think I'm going to let him off with this apology.