Japan Film Festival

The Imaginasian Center in downtown is on Main next to the Smell. An unassuming building, which was once the Linda Lea theater, it's now a great place to see films. It looks small actually from the outside, but inside you do get a nice theater that's clean except for the floors, which are sticky. The Japan Film Festival LA has put together a great program of shows. They still have a little to learn in terms of making a film festival, since I don't think they intro'd the film, but overall, they put together a ton of films in a tiny amount of time.

At 4:50pm on a friday, attendance is a tough one. I don't think you can pull off day time shows on a weekday. I think there were films earlier in the day as well. But there's plenty to see and it's worth seeing the movies in this festival. I saw Chanko, it was a sumo film, and even though they could have edited out 30 minutes of the film, and it had nutty romantic drama that was first grade, it was still funny.