Doggie Blues (don't look at this one if you're eating)

After a lot of prodding, I feel like I've been forced to put up this post. But first, the Vietnamese food above was so amazing. That's bun, and the shrimp, meat, and eggroll. So good. It's a huge serving of food. I didn't think I can eat all of this, but as I kept putting a little onto my plate, it slowly disappeared and then went away.

But the gross part that I've been told to post, and I apologize ahead of time... but if you scroll down this gets gross. While I ate, the dog did doodies all over the place.

From one moment of enjoying food, talking, relaxing, to terror...
A walk to the bathroom, and a shriek of pain. Did an ankle twist? Is a "man" down? In this case NO. Soon the pain turned into laughs. A direct hit. The brightly tinted brown poo became stuck in the mits of her foot. Molded in between the toes, the agony of the upcoming clean up task began to loom. Toenail cutting, scrubbing, ruining a bar of soap, and then figuring out how it's going to go down the tub drain preceded the carpet cleaning. As the trip to the bathroom began, another turd appeared as if by magic. Then another under the desk, and a 1/4 sizer elsewhere, which may be a dingle leftover, then a 1 foot diameter pee circle.