Top Ten List pt 2

Top Ten that's not in GR. The first one will be in GR 53 which is at the print shop.
What will I be doing? Will I be able to cross any of these off? Maybe so, maybe not.

1. Top secret video projects. One long term and one short term. Can either be done? I'll tell you more about it.
2. Multiple print projects, both large and small. Not art prints by the way.
3. Sculpey. Yes it was fun while I was doing it. It's time to get that back in order, even just a few times.
4. Prepare for the talks. There's a few coming up and even more that I didn't even mention before, including one in front of the Board of Governors. wtf?!
5. Catch up and forge strong on the graphics that are being worked on.
6. Web projects that have been lingering.
7. Store orders! We have a lot, but there's always more.
8. Mid 2008 and later 2009 art related projects.
9. Try gocco printing again.
10. Strategize. Measure twice cut once.

The caveat is that I gotta work on all this if the mag is at the print shop or not. The sun never sets.