Damien Hirst $ Warhol $ Levi's

At Fred Segal in Santa Monica is the debuting of the Damien Hirst $ Warhol $ Levi's collab gear. I wouldn't normally jump at seeing this, but I get a different perspective riding with Dr Romanelli, since he's involved in apparel, sometimes hardcore designer style and sometimes artistic. See that box on the left, when you buy some denim, it comes in the box.

These are the special jeans, one of two. $80k. The other one is below. DR is about get one.

Yosi Evolutionary eating dessert that looked good.

A whole line of gear.

The Levi's jacket in gloss, and the denim to the right. See the Warhol tag on the jacket?

T shirts. Two of them, they are stitched together, thankfully.

"Extra..." say it like the prime time celebrity TV half hour show...

Here's some of Hirst's art. You can see how it was used with the Warhol and the Levi's.