Young Dong / Explosions in the Sky

Yung Dong restaurant serves a slow cooked beef soup. As Jonathan Gold said, "pho is the best one" but this one is pretty good too. The name alone elicits great laughs, so it was a must try. The deal is, it's a Korean soup spot and the waitress walks up and says something like "first time?" We answer yes, and it's practically a nod of disapproval. She seems keen on explaining what were in for as if maybe we don't want to be there. The soup comes flavorless and it's your job to add salt, pepper, chilis, and kimchi style juice to make the soup better. I got oxtail soup and the waitress said good choice. The banchan, is basically kimchi, and it's actually good because you get the radish type along with the cabbage. The green onion, I have no idea what to do with. They give you scissors to cut it down to bite size pieces. The oxtail is great, the sauce you get is tasty, and it's a good call. But, I still think Soontofu will beat this.

3828 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles, CA, 90010 (213) 386-3729

We got a tutorial from the waitress. See the sauce container with the chilis in it? That big vat of green onions is to put into the soup when it's hot. The banchan comes in that metal container. See that tea kettle? It's filled with kimchee juice.

Explosions in the Sky is the best band of the moment. They don't have vocals, but they do rock the Friday Night Lights music. I don't know how long people will love them when they don't sing songs, but I hope it's a while. Live, these dudes rock harder than you'd think. The rad thing about them playing at the Wiltern is the pre or post Korean food.