The crew. This is who I pretty much was with the last few days. I'm staying an extra bit longer since it costs no more, and seeing some films seems like a good idea especially after I've interviewed all of the folks involved. The SFIAAFF is running really well this year despite a bit less Asian American films, even on an "OFF" year, there's still a lot. It's going to keep going up.
Here's some other people sprinkling in with some random imagery and a few thoughts.

MichellA handles interactive web stuff.

HP Mendoza who did the music for the musical called Colma plays some music and gets change

Ling Li is in Wayne Wang's Princess of Nebraska

Mimi, handles the filmmaker lounge area. She's outfitted in a GR t shirt.

That's Gina Kwon who produced The Motel among many other films including Me, You and Everyone We Know. She's a local and actually lived in my high school area and has many mutual friends or acquaintances. My sweater was outfitted for me by The Hundreds.

This happened all day long. If he's in one place too long, they'll call their friends too.

The outdoor event was nice. It's brainchild is Taro who you see eating the crepe in the blog before. It's his last year at the festival.

Gina Kim's Never Forever is doing well, and she's dressed to the nines. Unlike most of us, she's outfitted by fashion designers.

Another Grace Lee, this one helped a lot for the Toyota Matrix interviews. I did 13 or 14 in all. That's too much in that short amount of time all on camera, to be shown at the website I've been mentioning. The ad is on our site, so check em out when they go up. I do think they'll be actually pretty good and I can do this pretty easily on camera now.

Pryor Praczukowski's piece is amazing. Can you guess what movie it's from? It's perfectly done. He can paint too. This is from the opening of the art show at Giant Robot SF.

That's Derek Yu. A great artist who rocked some Beat Takeshi art. I'm busted because I can't remember the nice young lady's name.

Alex and Leemen. Go Lakers.

It helps to know SFite, cousin Dan, who knows Andrew who created a space for us at the sushi bar. It's the best seat in the house at Yoshi's which is both a restaurant and a jazz club (which is next door).

Baby tiny fish. I can't remember the name. But it's great.

Amazing flavor. It pops a bit in your mouth and it's subtle and tasty.

Raw octo. Again amazing. The treat is the fried tentacles. Deep fried stuff is good, but in tiny amounts.

The uni was amazing.


After Sushi it's meal #2 Chicken Gizzards, not pictured.

Sushi Chef Sho from Yoshi's. He's the man with a knife collection.

The Warhol Kareems. Look at them sneakers and these are only the ones you get to see.

He opens the closet and bam. Sneakers.