podcasts 50 + 51

Two podcasts. I almost want to say emissions instead to match this CD cover. I forgot how fun podcasts are to make and actually listen to. I'm not saying that I love the sound of my own voice, but reliving the issue of the magazine and remembering the things that maybe didn't make it in, or aren't evident when reading the mag, makes these fun.

The issue 50 podcast starts with Cuckold's, I Love My Shigacorn starring Jason Shiga. I swear, I'm getting back on the podcast game. The more obsessive I get with the editing, the longer it takes to get done, so these are fairly loose. We're slowly working on more. Watch for 52, 48, and 49 up soon. We also talk about David Choe and the Giant Robot Biennale.

Issue 51 podcast is fun as well, and I think we even forget to talk about the cover story by feric. We do get to talk about the Martin's tour with Boris and Damon and Naomi, a lot about the Imprint conference including John Jay, jeffstaple, Danny Choo, Brian Lam (Gizmodo), Rob Heppler (weekly drop), Bobby Hundreds, and then finally we talk about Lance Hahn from J Church, rip.