The IT thing

I sometimes respond to important points when they're brought up on my blog as comments. My opinion is that if someone is going to comment publicly on my on blog, I have the right to answer publicly on my blog. So here goes the first part, their comment:

why are you calling a person "it"? last i checked, dehumanization wasn't funny. if s/he is presenting a female gender, "her" would be more appropriate.

same goes for your more recent blog post.

This person is an "it" for many reasons.

1) We don't know if it (that person) is a male or female. What do you do then? If you think they deserve "that person". Read on.
2) Because "this person" wears a wig, that doesn't denote a male or female. It could be a disguise, denoting a "neither". "This person" may not want their gender to be known.
3) Humor sometimes is crass. But if it wasn't crass, it wouldn't be humor.
4) "This person" probably drinks and therefore drives, and therefore unleashes the worst smelling piss ever.
5) I've had two years of compassion. And if "this person" is going to dump piss in front of my house for two years (they could just pour it on the tree or something), not use a trash can not 30 feet away, litter, and possibly drinks and drives, then "IT" is an appropriate call out to me since this person is already an hourly misdemeanor offender and possibly a felon.