The last two times I've voted, I've seen Tom Hanks. Last time out for the Presidential election, it was he and his wife, they parked next to me and walked in. This morning, he was right before me and then hamming it up for the old lady volunteers who couldn't give a shit about anyone else at that moment. If you wanted to vote, they didn't listen to you. One lady just pointed towards the front door, as in go outside... because Tom Hanks in bad running attire stood his ground talking about how we're all great Americans. Where was the portable Oscar?

I think I like Mick Mars from Motley Crue. I think.

Nada Surf played a free show last night at the Gibson Guitar show room in Beverly Hills. Why? I don't know, but they sounded great. The fella on the right is the drummer who played this wood thing, that sounded pretty much like drums. If he didn't sing, would he have had to set up futher in back?

This is what it looks like without flash. More mysterious. The crowd looked like pseudo industry folks, I think. Buy the album, it comes out today.