Super Commercials

Superbowl Football commercials. What happened to the quality of these? It used to be this special moment where every bar drunk would actually try to be sober to see what's happening in the commercial, but now, the short multi-million dollar spots are definitely a whole a step down from before. It can't be that the folks who make them are less creative... Are they not as good because we have higher expectations?

We all see the viral stuff on Youtube, Revver, ebaums, and the tons of other sites which stream video constantly, and we see funny stuff daily. Is it because of the virals, that we can't be phased by every commercial? Perhaps 1 of 20 might be memorable now, as compared to the Bud Bowl. Remember those?

The halftime show with Tom Petty was pretty cool. But the lame thing still is, I can write this all with confidence with the game only half over.