the fugitive

The marine is still on the loose in Mexico. He's guilty, most likely, but he still evades arrest. I check the news daily, and it's starting to slip. Will he notice that the news is slipping too, get lazy, and then get busted? Or will he keep hiding? Did he go further south? Is he in a hole shacked up, no credit card, phone, or nothing? Is he hiding as a homeless guy? What's he look like? Bleach blond with a mowhawk? Did he get more tattoos to cover up the one he had? Is he going to find a way to find the Shawshank dudes on that beach in Mexico where they give boat tours to tourists? I'm still hoping he gets caught, but at the same time, there's something crazy about people who are running from the law. Osama Bin Laden is a great example, he seems to just evade forever, even Hussein got busted in a hole, but how does Osama get away with it? Same thing, same story in a way. Got any more comments on this getting old story? I still don't know what I'd do. Would I just go to China and hide? Or maybe Japan? But Japan is too small. Maybe I'm best off where people speak English. Maybe I'd grow my hair long, get a tan, and live in the desert. I'm gladly not fit for this game, but I do think about what I'd do, every time this manhunt gets talked about. Why is that?