Incidental Nature at Giant Robot 2 kozyndan Robert Bellm PCP

A big pack of folks came through the Incidental Nature exhibition at GR2 on saturday. It's been a little while since Robert Bellm has been to LA, he said 5 years, so his friends from Art Center came through, and bunch of others just to say congrats, and welcome back. One visitor even flew in from SF just to be there, meet Rob, and that's awesome people will do that. I think he bought a handful of pieces. PCP couldn't be here, and was missed. He's a new dad, that's how it goes. kozydan, well, they're So Cal folks and they have a lot of friends, tons. They all came out, and I know they deserve the smiles they get from the people they make happy.

That's Robert Bellm in the middle. I think he had a good night. Like I said, he hasn't been to LA in a while, so this was sort of like his homecoming.

Jean Aw from Notcot. My hero.

Michelle Borok who'll you see blogging soon on the front page and Buff Monster, who'll be showing at GRNY soon. Buff's been great lately.

I don't know about the stash... I do wonder if this is the start of dirty sanchez.

This was insane and a testament to their fans. Bunnyfish cookies?

Amazing, and against the grain!

Cookies make people happy and if you weren't around, you would have missed out.

This was a paparazzi moment. Cameras came out in force at this moment.

A tattoo of bunnyfish. Neat clothing tag.

She also has a Choe whale.

Dan was hungry and this was some weird pasta. Glad I caught this moment, I doubt anyone else saw it.

Dj Frosty from dublab... see kozy in the background eating. I'm pretty good at catching people at their worst. It was a good night, felt like old times. I hope that was the look that Michelle gave me when it was totally packed. If it was, then I know we were in the same place.