So this dude is wanted. He's the marine who allegedly killed another pregnant marine and buried her in his backyard. He's married, his wife has no idea where he is, and he's been on the run. There's a world wide search for the guy. So even though it's a morbid topic, I've asked people where the heck would they go? It's life and death, you just committed the worst crime, and well, either you turn yourself in, or you run. But the world is fairly big I guess, but where can you go and live? One of the Japanese dudes Shoichi Yokoi lived underground for 28 years. Hiroo Onoda did the same for 29 years. Either way, the marine dude will probably get caught soon, or maybe he's commit suicide, but who has the nuts to stay hiding and looking over their shoulder their entire life? Is it possible? It's a long debate, and well, I'm curious.