new tech

Photo on the left, the red dot within a BlackBerry means it has water damage. Who knew what that white thing was for. The second they see that, they blame you for fucking up your phone. I've had this BB for 19 months, and my insurance amounts of not much of a discount at all. At 24 months, when my plan is done, I'm eligible for a brand new phone at a discounted rate of $99. Right now, I'd have to pay nearly the entire price for a new BB. So fuck TMobile, and hello AT&T. It's done, my TMobile relationship is over. Game over. Now it's a new time and chance to actually use a Mac compatible phone. Less hassles with crappy updates of my address book, and now, I can actually blog photos direct from the phone. The posts which look weird with a small photo and are short are iPhone updates. Next: the camera on the right. Caplio GX100. I've been shooting with this already.