Moca planning

Baseman is a joker. Wherever he is, he'll tell jokes. A lot of them. I met with MOCA folks, Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, and Simone Legno in downtown this evening. The idea was to lay the groundwork for the panel and live painting evening of Pervasive Persuasion, an event in 2008. It's going to also feature Oguri, a butoh dancer. I think that threw everyone off into a what the fuck is going on again? mode. Oguri is going to do a slow butoh move during the event. Strange for sure, and people are going to trip out hard. Butoh is a weird modern dance "thing."

Simone said the first thing he did when he landed in LA the first time from his native Italy was to go to Giant Robot. That's quite an honor. Literally from LAX to GR. I responded with figuring out the trick the car game he had on his site from years ago that got me the first place spot that stood for ages.

Tim and Gary get into lively art discussions. These two are like water and oil when it comes to art. "I disagree" is often said by Baseman. I learned a lot about these two, and a little tiny bit about the importance of art. Tim chows down on a shrimp udon. This shot catches him in mid-shrimp at East restaurant.

Denise and Raul chill and listen to Gary go at it. Jokes and all.