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anonymous wrote:

Again your blog entry was able to elicit similar feelings in me, in particular objects associated with my childhood that are squirreled away in my memory.

I wonder if all this reminiscing is a consequence of many of us entering the middle phase of life.

I look forward to reading your blog entries as they are, for lack of a better term, so sincere.

Thanks anonymous. Your comment made me think about reminiscing. I'm not sure if it's a middle phase of life, which I'd say I've been in for a while. When is the middle phase? I suppose our life expectancy is something like 77 now. It's gone up. Divide it into thirds, 0-25, 25-50, 50+. If we talk about Giant Robot, which began when I was 24, I'd think it was right before the middle phase. I think even the name of the magazine, Giant Robot is nostalgic, and we've been writing about nostalgia for many years, especially when it comes in the form of a new person, concept, or idea, that's influenced by something nostalgic and "flipped" to be a 2007 item. I do tend to look at these topics and wonder where they came from, why they are here again now in this new form, and then I wonder where's it going or what's next. So if you like nostalgia, I have jars and jars of tucked away. I've began mentally cataloging memories that then flutter away, since I refuse to write them down. Imagine, sitting and remembering an incident from when you were 4 or 5. When they come, I savor them, and try to remember as much as I can about them, and then I let them go. I wonder if the folks who were part of those memories remember that particular moment. Probably not, and they'd think I was weird to bring up an incident where I lost one of my teeth, hit my head on the monkey bars at a park, was nearly trampled on a train in Japan by old ladies, felt shy during photos... the list goes on.