the container!

When I think about the toys, clothes, furniture, the magical blanket, and even memories, there's one object that lasted the longest and it's still going. The diaper container / which is now my laundry basket. This has been with me my entire life. Only my parents can beat this. I remember sitting in this while I watched TV, I'd put my ass in it and sink, and it was comfortable. I remember later using it as a kicking dummy. Filled with clothes, it was something I'd kick around and see where all of the clothes would go flying. Then I remember playing with Hot wheels on/in it, when it was empty.

The rabbit graphic is perfect, I wonder who made this. It has miles, has traveled a little, and has kept my dirty clothes dirty before wash time. I don't know what made me look at this today and remember things about it, but I'm sure more will come.