Uglycon Times!

Uglycon turned out to be a fun event. But with all things positive comes some Ugly. Here it is in short, family comes early. 23 hours early. It's cold. I believe it gets down to the 40s. We don't think anyone will come any time soon, much less 23 hours early, which is nuts. David Horvath generously gives up his hotel to the first and only family there at the time. This is still an at risk move. What does this mean for the line? It's at your own risk right? They post that they are first on a message board which most likely then brings out a lot of others who decide to line up at night. The family leaves and then comes back in the morning expecting their spot back. I wasn't there so I don't know what really happened. Did the family sleep in their car which was parked in front of the shop? Did they all go to the hotel to crash out? I'm not sure, but it led to a ruckus. Sorry about that, we solved it the best way possible. It's now done, and the costume contest was ridiculously great. The event altogether was great. We learned a lot from last year which was much more crowded, and there's more to learn from this years event. Uglycon is a cool event for sure. I'm very proud of it. Not to be outdone, the GR2 show is amazing. Maybe the best of the year. GRNY. Adrian Tomine, the author of perhaps the graphic novel of the year! See the pics.