The ryde with pics

Ricoh GRs... yeah, they're still fun to play with. He's shooting something at Denny's on the way back. It was fun to ride with Mr Horvath, the 5 is boring, you can easily drown out into drone music or religious talk radio. But we talked the entire way. It was a great way to end Uglycon. Cows, the road, stops, seeing weird land anomalies, and peaceful looking animals. Grand Slam breakfast still works.

I once saw a photo of this. In pen it brilliantly said, PUSH BUTTON, GET BACON. That's magical.

The ride offered up the snow on the 5. It's been ages since I've seen snow. Over the weekend, it came down. The roads were clean, the air was cool, and the sun shined nice in the grapevine. I usually hate driving on the grapevine. It's the worst part of the trip.

The skies are perfect. This actually looks nice. People were pulling over to build snowpeople and to frolic.

Even David had to take a gander at the snow covered mountains.