Tons of boxes, this is our storage space. What's in them? Book distro, some back issues, old paper work, receipts, and spiders! The best thing about seeing the spiders is I'll know that my stock is protected from little critters. Gladly, I don't have to go out there too often, but it always feel good to see this spot. The converse is that ideally, it should be empty, which means, it's all in other people's hands.

On the way to or from the space, I stop at SHAKAS. I've been back from Hawaii for a while, but with that clear memory in tact, it's nice to have Hawaiian food in LA. But why is it that Hawaiian food isn't really "hot"? It tastes good, and you'd think it would be more popular that a Yoshinoya Beef bowl, but it's not. How many Hawaiian food besides Islands, can you name? Mochiko chicken, sesame chicken, hulihuli chicken, chili rice, saimin, it's all there. But again, why aren't they more common? Is it too fatty? A lot of Hawaiian food is based on size and quantity, and savory flavors. Is it just weird, since Hawaii is a state with it's own cuisine. As in, "let's go to Nevadan Food!" and it's buffet, or "let's have some Idahoan food!" and it's potatoes. Maybe they need another name besides, "Hawaiian food". What else could it be? "Island food?" Either way, even if it's not popular, I like Hawaiian food and wish I could have it more often. Maybe it'll take Colt Brennan to win the Heisman, and Hawaii to take the Sugar Bowl to make Hawaii just a little more known. Check out this fan site / business. I do hope Hawaii wins the Sugar Bowl on January 1. In lieu of Christmas gifts, that's what I want.

Back to Shaka's. Here's their shave ice. On par with Hawaiian shave ice, since I hear they use the same machine as Matsumoto's - as you saw in some blog photos past. The Hawaiian syrups make this really good. Strawberry and passion fruit are probably among the best flavors.