Try or Do

Do, or do not. There is no try. Says Yoda and other people who love to quote the troll. I always say, "I tried" or "I'm trying." And people love to give out that Yoda quote. It might be easy when Yoda sits around all day, talks nonsense and has to teach a young Jedi some tricks. That's not hard. He doesn't even have to walk since Luke carried him around like a backpack. Today someone said, "you're a do'er." That's nice, but to do, I still have to try. And try sometimes, means a lot of things. It means, I'm trying to do more than most people in a day. I'm trying to accomplish a task list that's 50 items long in a day. I'm trying to work 3 times as fast as the next person. I'm trying to work with people who aren't on the same page. I'm trying to stay focused. I'm trying to be sane, calm, and cool, when there's pressure. I'm trying to have a life at the same time as I try to do these other things all at the same time. So fuck yeah, I try everyday. The question is for those who only "do" and do not try. What are you doing that's so easy?