UCI in class

About 2/3 of the class came the evening before Thanksgiving at UCI. I was aiming at around 12 people, but it was a lot more. Maybe near 40. We talked about about an hour did some questions, watched a couple of people sleep. I think we can revamp our talk, and we'll do that soon. I don't know why the photo is out of focus, I swear I'm not that bad with a cam, but that's about how I remember it all. We didn't do as many talks this year, although we his 2 places in Chicago and the Walker Museum - and now UCI - we passed on another Chicago one because of deadline, and I missed the CCA one because they thought I lived in SF (it was publicized for months too). Any new questions? I guess one person asked, "what hinders us?" The quick answer is Time... is it Money? For the most part, no. Is it the lack of having 30 great staffers instead of just 15? Is it proscrastination? Is it being naturally shy and working around that?
So many possibles, but I don't feel too hindered as it is, so maybe it's a moot point.