Paper Mag L.A. Project 24 Hour Department Store at 9am

Yes, Paper Magazine is here again. These pics are from this morning at 9am. I wanted to see what the hipsters looked like tired. I'm sure they look better by night. Juiced up, happy, and raving. A few booths were unpersoned. I suppose they crashed out. Undefeated had no one. Ooga Booga? No one. A couple of others, no one. This is all happening on La Brea, and after a long night, the 24 shop needs to roll on. This is the first thing you see when you walk in. I wonder if they wanted to be seen sleeping to be the perfect blogger fodder.

The place looked alright for a make shift shop. The scaffolding was a great idea. It's plastic wrap around it, so in the end, it looked like a nice structure at a low price. Pretty smart design.

Orange 20 was there and had a bike hung up. They people working there even wore their bike helmets. Bike geeks are cool. Scaffolding offers a lot of opportunities. It was quite clean though, unlike the scaffolding my dad owns that are pretty grimey.

Another cool thing about scaffolding is it's super strong, you can lay down planks and create a second floor.

One shop sold Tobias Wong's products. Matchbooks $3. Box cutter $95. He even has the $2000 iphone Citizen product (ed. 50) that doesn't seem to do much. But it's art. Tobias Wong is a trip.

Cybelle from Family. Ex-GR. We will never forgive her. She was the only chipper looking person at 9am. She deserves a prize.

Polaroid station. Do it framed.

Colette was doing their thing. The person working there was a kid from Paper magazine. He didn't quite know about prices on anything, but he had some NYC style. I think. How much was that KAWS collab deck anyway? I never found out.

Being near the synagogues brings out the kids. Think a shop called Cin-a-gog is a good idea? I just thought of that.

Geoff McFetrdige did some drawings on the plastic.

It was the coolest thing there.

I bet no one saw it or cared.

The plastic became worth more than the scaffolding.

A suited security guard stood his ground in the front. I didn't buy anything, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Should you?