Murakami coming up.

I got the above invite. I think members get it. It's neat and colorful. I look at it and think it's pretty happy. I open it and it expands much like one of Murakami's pieces to reveal an invite to the opening event. I'm pretty happy with it all. It's exciting and good for LA. But the invite is nice too. I'm sure someone slaved on it to get it just right.

I'm thinking, this is cool... then all of a sudden I get an email, Takashi wants to invite you to the opening. I'm thinking, I'm going already. Then I find out it's on the 28th... I'm thinking naw, I don't need to go again, the next day, what difference is it? I'm pretty clueless to events going on honestly. So I'm just about going to pass on it, but then I'm thinking, "what the heck.." They mail me the invite.

This looks nicer.

Like an origami ninja star, it unfolds. The invite is on heavy stock.

No, I don't need to bust out the $100,000 bill to come.

Kanye is going to play and Marc Jacobs will mill about.

Nice tiny ass details. This must have been a pain to print.