Softball loss

We're 1-4 now this season. I don't know where our once hot bats went, but looking forward, our defense felt all right. For some reason I like hitting against this pitcher. I went 3-3 in the first game and went 3-4 today. I feel like I can thread a needle with the softball when this guy pitches. The only one I blew it on, was when I didn't think before I swung at the ball. I usually aim. If you've seen For the Love of the Game, Costner says something like ENGAGE MECHANISM. I forgot to do that on the last at bat.

I still play left field, where I pulled a hamstring, and it's bothering me right now. But it's weird, when it comes time to run, I can still do it, maybe it's that adrenalin thing going on. I'm not sure, but our team had some downs lately. Will, our 3b is out for the season, Hap our SS is out sort of too, maybe for a few reasons, but the best one is that his wife is 4 months pregnant, and our team is almost starting fresh in some ways. New players trying to figure some things out, and the same old ones getting older but hopefully better. Yeah, we lost 10-9, so close, but so far, and it was the team that's doing alright this season, but for some reason, we hang with them well. It's a decent league though, we're all sort of in the same level, although our record is probably the worst at the moment. We can turn it around. Right?