Apple Genius Bar

So the Genius Bar does it again. Took the Macbook Pro in, the dude connects to it, sort of like Spock's mind meld, and the first thing he does is download the battery update. I have an auto update every week, and that never showed up. Unless it was just this week or something, then I have no idea how he found that, because it just showed up how it should. Next the broken CD and DVD drive. He inserted a disc and it worked. He said he didn't do a thing. The drive's been down for months and well, now it's not. I don't really understand what more this "genius" did, but I walked out with my computer looking pretty good.

Things I learned from this dude. Keep your computer charged, as in plugged in. Down worry about draining it all the way then recharging it. All that does is take down your battery cycle. Unless you leave it plugged in 24-7. But the drive, how did that all of a sudden work? The guy would take no credit for it. He suggested that maybe all of my CDs and DVDs are bunk, but his burned Echo and the Bunnymen CD was fine.