Macbook Pro Battery

Today I discover my 15" Macbook Pro battery dies the instant it's unplugged. It's less than a year old, it should be fine, but it's not. I know there's been problem after problem with batteries getting too hot, and even bubbling, but thankfully, mine is just dead cells, I think. I made an appointment at the Apple store Genius Bar to see if maybe it'll be a free fix because my computer is under a year old. I know the Genius Bar gets a bad rap sometimes, but so far, I've had a lot of good luck with their help. I wonder if a shop like Best Buy dares have a free Geek Squad type of "bar" in their store to teach people how to use cameras, video cameras, and fix shit. That's the next level of customer service. As long as it's appointment, and the people are trained, it should work.