Terminal Island USA

Does this guy look familiar? Is it my uncle? No, it's a depiction of one of the 300 Terminal Islanders from before WW2, who lived there. At one time these folks fished the waters, with rod and reel, and then they were removed to the concentration camps and so forth. We once explored here with Money Mark issues back, and since then, a monument was made. Tuna street is the same. There's that one sign which shows you that a Japanese restaurant was once there. Thankfully it's broken so you can see it. The Korean owned spot is still there serving fish and chips, I'm sure it's the only place to eat there. There's a fishing book with some Japanese writing, is that an old ship? The prison is still there and that's where the monument's at. One neat thing is that right at the end of Tuna street are sealions! Just sitting there basking in the sun, you can hear them and watch them swim. This isn't a tourist area, so their show is just for the locals. Maybe the prisoners can hear them.

Here's a site on the place. And I guess there's a doc film too.