docu projects

Working on a short documentary project is a tough one. It's been a while, since I've messed with film. The youtube projects I've done, are mostly improv. I just shoot, get a bunch of stuff, then edit it all together. Here's our Youtube page.

The Space Invader documentary that I actually just shot through my camera has 14000 views, which is pretty cool. The others don't have nearly as many views, but it's a miracle that anyone has seen them.

So, when you have nothing shot, and you need to economize, what do you do? How do you set up your projects without anything? It's a tough thing in a way, and in the end, it'll take more improvisation. I think my "docs" have been alright so far... and if I set out to do them as "docs" in the first place, they'd probably be even better.